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Jan 26, 2013 2:00pm EST
what happened at the the honduras. -- in honduras. we move to the middle east where israel has been concerned. whether they admit oit pubicly olicly or not. there were more focused on the palestinian issue but as the biggest issue in the middle east. iran, the people took to the streets as the defense of the principles we say we stand for and the president says we will not interfere in their sovereignty. that demoralized opposition. north korea announced they are developing in weapon that can reach united states. -- a weapon that can reach the united states. i think the bush administration was wrong to remove north korea from the list of states alters of terrorism. -- sponsors of terrorism. i hope we will reverse that. china and the conflict going on throughout the region during -- region. china is increasingly aggressive about their territorial claims. in their neighbors are looking to the united states as a counterbalance. a -- if the sequester goes through, what are we going to pivot with? these are the fundamental issues we face. as you sit with the president and help him form a
Jan 26, 2013 7:00pm EST
. [laughter] it was not long after moses began to lead the children of israel out of egypt that they began to grumble against his leadership. they dislikein, his policies so much, they tried to vote him out of office. somehow he managed to keep his job. in number chapter 11, there is an endearing story of moses. he goes to the wilderness and lifts up his hands in praise, god, just kill me now. i do not want to do this anymore. it is too hard. this was one time that god did not answer moses prayer area. he said, in essence, get back to work, i need you. i am room minded -- reminded of when dr. king received a threatening phone call. his children and wife were asleep. this was not his first threatening phone call. and the montgomery boycott, there had been many. on this night, as his children and love -- wife lay sleeping, he felt he could not go on. he began to think of a way he could gracefully bow out of the movement. at midnight, he bowed over the kitchen table and began to pray. i am afraid, lord. the people are looking to me for leadership. if i stand before them without strength and c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2